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Military Transition helps connects America's best talent - - its veterans - - with their best paths to success.

By taking a tailored approach to each veteran, we are able to deliver unrivaled service to our members. Additionally, we host the nation's largest and most comprehensive database to ensure a complete and nearly seamless transition.

With over 24 customized services, only available at Military Transition, we offer the veteran community never seen before functionality in the transition process.

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Internships and Summer Programs - Coming Soon

Military Transition services are designed to aid in the overall transitional process of America's military community. For those seeking direct employment, Career Search is your one stop shop. Here we use analytical software to identify your best career options - locally, regionally, and nationally. Instead of endless job searching, we bring you exclusive opportunities designed to jump start your career today!

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Internships and Summer Programs
Education Services
Services Offered:
  • The Internship and Summer Program Tool developed by Military Transition is the only custom tool available in the United States.
  • Specifically, our Internship and Summer Program Tool allows you to analyze the high tech programs around you which are designed to transition you into the new economy.
  • The Internship and Summer Program Tool has 4 defined section:
    • Co-op - designed to help balance a corporate work schedule and academic programs
    • Fellowships - are exclusive opportunities for students that boost future career outcomes
    • Summer Programs - give you career experience before your academic graduation
    • Internship - tailors your search to opportunities only in your assigned major
  • Don't be left out in the changing economy. The Internship and Summer Program Tool allows you to jumpstart your career in a new job with a new skill.
  • Special Note: Depending on the program, veterans are able to utilize their education benefits during the training process.
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