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Employer — Targeted Emails & Unmatched Savings!

Our Targeted Email campaigns are focused on delivering your personalized message to only relevant candidates. Leveraging our job board, we are able to put your message directly in front of the qualified and interested. Furthermore, our Targeted Emails are delivered as personalized messages from a veteran on the Military Transition staff.

Choose an option that fits your needs. Whether seeking to fill one position right now or to fill multiple positions for a variety of locations – we have a solution that fits.
Targeted Emails & Unmatched Savings
Our Price
Send 1 Targeted Email
Send 10 Targeted Email
Send 15 Targeted Email
Send 25 Targeted Email
Send 40 Targeted Email
Send 55 Targeted Email
Send 75 Targeted Email
Send 100 Targeted Email

Employer — Job Postings
Services Offered:
  • All Targeted emails are reviewed by the Military Transition in house staff and then customized to fit the audience based upon your offering. Your advertisement or recruitment will be customized to fit your intended audience in order to maximize its reach and appeal to the military and veteran community.
Services Available to: Premium Members
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